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Our Team

Your Clinical Specialists

Since 2005, our company (formerly known as Integrated Therapy Services) has provided Illinois families with therapeutic support for medically-based pediatric disorders that impair daily function. Since that time, our practice has grown and evolved into Meraki Health. 

Our clinical specialists have a true passion for assisting families. We pour ourselves into our work because we believe that by supporting positive change through holistic and individualized treatment, patients thrive and families will feel more joy and deeper connections. 

If you or a member of your family would like to reach your maximum potential, contact us. 

We want to help you shine through!

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Sarah Weiler, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner & Speech and Language Pathologist


Sarah Wibbenmeyer, M.A., BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Briana Grappo, M.S., BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Dr. Irina Podolsky, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

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Kelsey Scott, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist


Annette Hatter, OTR

Occupational Therapist

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Sammy Flynn, M.S., OTR

Occupational Therapist


Keli Dhom, PT

Physical Therapist

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Jill Bolin

Speech-Language Pathologist

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Limitless Facilitators

Our facilitators partner with the therapy staff to provide educational opportunities that will prepare our kids for the world. Curriculum is language-rich, hands-on and geared toward each child's developmental levels and interests.  The facilitators spend time relating to each child so that they can establish trusting and respectful relationships that are necessary for learning.

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Jaelen Deters



Paige Layman

Visual and Performing Arts

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Kelsey Jo Bierman, PTA

Physical Fitness

Our Amazing Support Team

Your Therapy Technicians

Our team of therapy technicians is comprised of compassionate humans who are ready to attune to the needs of your child.  They go above and beyond the minimum of what is required of certified technicians, establishing valuable trusting relationships with the children they serve.  Supervised by licensed clinicians and trained in both ABA and DIR, they area able to apply strategies that will further your child's development.

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Amy Yager

Therapy Technician

Debi O'Brien

Therapy Technician

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Jamee Line

Therapy Technician

Kate Stanciu

Therapy Technician

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Kristina Arney

Therapy Technician

Michelle Rennier

Therapy Technician

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Mitch Grove

Therapy Technician