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Our Daily Life

Limitless Routine

Routine is the name of the game! However, within that routine, we support the development of flexible and critical thinking.  We assist children in ideation and problem solving.  We want them to be the agent of their actions, and we are the facilitators who witness their growth! All done within the boundaries of safety, security and support.


School Day Routine

Our mornings are comprised of a mix of child-led learning and semi-structured activities.  Every 2 weeks we present a new language-rich theme. We provide therapeutic intervention and 1:1 assistance from play-based technicians throughout the day.  Afternoons are meant for individualized programming and tutoring.

Summer Camp Routine

Summer brings about a lighter and more playful (is that possible?) atmosphere.  Our program opens to children who are in school and want to participate in the Limitless fun! Pool time, outdoor games, team building and small group dives as well as visits to the local library give Limitless a summer vibe.

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