• Cyndie Kieffer

What If We Are All Doing the Best We Can.

Ever had one of THOSE days? Your friend who you were supposed to meet for a walk cancelled at the last minute with a short text, the cashier at the store never even spoke until the time to say the total due and then some driver cut you off then turned on the next street...without using their turn signal. Those are just some of the things that can make our mood plummet and become discouraged with all of humankind. But wait, what if we look at it differently. What if instead of thinking our friend doesn’t care for us anymore, shaking our heads and muttering choice words about the people, and questioning the driving abilities of others on the road (well, maybe that one should be considered) we believed that they are doing the absolute best that they can in that moment?

How radical would it be to immediately assume that the person in front of us was doing the absolute best that they could in the moment? Dr Brené Brown challenges us to bring to mind someone that frustrates us, causes us to resent them, or disappoints us so let’s do that now...got someone in mind? Ok let’s move along and tell ourselves that they are doing the best that they can right now. Was that easy to do? What challenges did you face? Did it bring to mind how easy it is to judge others? Now take a moment and ask yourself if you find it easy to ruminate over past choices? If so, now offer this same grace to yourself; remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can in this moment.

In these turbulent times it can be easy to become frustrated with the choices others make. While accepting that someone is doing their best this does not mean we ignore threats of harm or even aggressive behavior. The challenge I offer to you is to accept that the person who has frustrated you is doing their best and more likely than not their actions have nothing to do with you but instead what they are feeling in that moment. By trusting this person, by offering kindness to them maybe we can start to spread kindness.

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