• Sarah Weiler

Summer 2020

Integrated Therapy Services, P.C., 2020 Summer policies for

  • Meraki Health (outpatient therapies)

  • Limitless (functional education program)

According to the Restore Illinois plan, the majority of our staff, all of the clients we serve, as well as our treatment location are located within “region 6” of this map. Keep in mind, the Governor refers to this as region 3 out of the 4 Illinois regions, which may confuse people in his updates.

We are an essential business and have been operational since the shelter-in-place order has taken effect. As we continue to offer services, we will keep in mind the Illinois Department of Public Health plan for reopening IL.

It is necessary to follow current state policy in order to remain operational. Our licensure and insurance depend on the careful consideration of current standards of care. We will continue to provide services deemed medically necessary to the best of our ability. We will continue to provide the best quality therapy for our clients that we can under current circumstances. We will also vow to maintain confidentiality of the private health information of our staff and clients despite any “flexibility” allowed by state policy regarding COVID-19.

The following policies will be in effect for the summer of 2020. Please keep watch over our organization’s social media for live updates. Do NOT send staff private messages via social media or text. Please contact us via email admin@integatedtherapyservices.org or phone 618-783-7529 with questions or concerns. Thank you for this consideration.

The entire state is currently operating under Phase 2 (Flattening). Until this changes, the following protocol will be administered:

  • Individual therapies are available on a case-by-case basis depending on the plan of care. Children will be seen in-home and/or remotely using Webex depending on their plan of care, availability and comfort level of both the family and provider.

  • Completion of the first phase of renovations will allow for sessions to take place at our new site. The projected date for completing the first phase is June 1. It is likely that individuals will be able to begin meeting

at the new site in June even while in Phase 2. Please note, we are working as quickly as possible on this!

  • All group treatment will be conducted remotely via Webex.

When our region advances to Phase 3 (Recovery), the following protocol will be administered:

  • Individual sessions may involve supervisors, student interns and parents.

  • While performing group therapy sessions, only staff doing direct service will participate. Supervisors, administrators, student interns and parents, will not be able to be physically present for group activities. Alternatively, remote observation will be allowed via Webex.

As our region transitions to Phase 4 (Revitalization), the following protocol will be administered:

  • Individual sessions may involve supervisors, student interns and parents.

  • Group sessions may involve up to 50 people using prioritization (see below).

Additional changes made to our summer program will mean:

We will NOT take field trips to local businesses (i.e., grocery, restaurants, retail stores) such as in years past. We WILL take field trips to natural areas such as the state park.

We will NOT attend the public pool such as in years past. (It is uncertain whether or not they will be open this summer.) We WILL provide opportunities for water play on site.

We will NOT attend events held by the public library, but we WILL attend online events they are offering in place of those held in years past.

Prioritization of Participants in Group Sessions:

Only current and returning clients will be allowed to attend group sessions this summer. Even then, returning clients will be admitted based on group capacity outlined by our COVID-19 protocol. Individual outpatient sessions will be open to all based on site and clinician availability.

In order to guarantee the groups are comprised of those who are most critical to the services rendered, and who cannot otherwise accomplish their part via remote observation/participation, the following list ranks who has priority in group therapy sessions.

  1. Client receiving treatment

  2. Clinician leading direct service (SLP, OT, BT, SW)

  3. Peer participant(s) receiving direct service

  4. Cotreating therapist doing direct service (SLP, OT, BT, SW)

  5. Parent participant

  6. Supervising clinician (BCBA)

  7. Administrative staff support (office staff lending assistance with tech or materials)

  8. Student intern

All who enter the treatment location will be required to adhere to the following:

  • No one should attend sessions if they have a fever, have lost their sense of taste or smell, have other symptoms of COVID-19 or have recently been in direct contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • All who enter the treatment location, must be screened upon entry for high temperatures and other symptoms of COVID-19. Records of screening results will be kept in a confidential file.

  • If someone has a reason to abstain from participation due to one of the above COVID-related reasons, they will be asked to follow the guidelines of the Illinois Department of Public Health and their primary care provider.

Sanitation Methods at Meraki Health/Limitless:

The following precautions should take place regardless of COVID involvement and we hope to see a permanent increase in application of these measures.

  • All who enter will wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer upon entry and between activities or otherwise frequently during their time on site.

  • Shoes will not be worn inside the treatment facility. It is important that everyone bring indoor footwear such as socks or slippers.

  • Everyone will wear clean clothes to our facility. This includes outerwear.

  • All surfaces used will be sanitized between each session using safe disinfectant. This includes floors, toys, equipment, fixtures and devices.

  • All mouthed items and foods will be clearly labeled with names and dates (if applicable). These items will be stored separately for each individual.

  • Soiled clothing or other linens will be bagged and sent home to be washed. It is important that each child has an extra set of clothing that fits and is appropriate for the season.

  • Universal precautions will be taken when assisting with bodily fluids (toileting/diaper change, cuts/scrapes/nosebleeds, vomiting, runny nose, drooling). This will require the use of gloves.

As a reminder, we also work in collaboration with Nurse Jamee. Jamee assists in advising our staff and families on health related issues. Always contact your primary care physician with specific medical concerns. Always dial 911 in case of medical emergencies, including mental health related emergencies. Stay well!